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Fieldsports Accessories

We are proud to be able to offer a range of handcrafted, unique fieldsports accessories designed to be functional but stylish. From thumbsticks, crooks, market sticks and wading sticks to priests and position finders. 

The items are individually handcrafted using natural or reclaimed materials and as such are unique.

Prices range from as little as £35.

Shooting Accessories

A good stick is not only useful for support on rough, muddy or wet ground, but can be an important safety marker when in grouse butts, so a good stout stick should be part of every fieldsports enthusiasts kit locker. We can supply a wide range of shooting and country sticks handcrafted using traditional methods.  Each item is individually made to order and so is unique to the owner, contact us for more details.

Fishing Accessories

Wading sticks are regularly used by anglers to help negotiate deep fast flowing water, but can be just as useful in shallower quiet rivers as it allows the angler to feel their way along the river and not lose sight of the fly or fish.  The wading sticks we supply have a number of special features from weighted ends, rubber ferules (quieter on the river bed, so as not to disturb the fish), lanyards to keep the stick to hand and are often finished with a nice decoration. These are all made to order so contact us for more details.

At Orion Sporting we believe that functional accessories don’t have to be dull. Function, flare and a little individual style can all go together.