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Fieldsport Logistics

Why are we different to a standard courier service?

  • This is a truly personal service, designed to give you the peace of mind and confidence that your valuables are in the best trusted hands.

  • We know the value and importance of what we have been entrusted with and will treat it like our own.

  • Our transport solutions are designed specifically for fieldsports – making transfer safe, secure and discrete.

  • We use 4x4 vehicles so we can get your equipment to where it is needed.

  • We operate a true point-to-point service, no transfer between depots and no need to find local gunrooms to send to and from.

  • Less handling means less risk of loss, damage or delay.

  • We can take all of your equipment in one go – shotguns, cartridges, personal items and have them all ready for you on location.

  • Our service also extends to fishing – we can carry rods safely and securely as well as all your creels, fly boxes, clothing, boots, waders etc.

  • We can even transport your dogs – we have secure, ventilated transport for dogs, you don’t need to leave that important part of the team behind again.

  • We can cater for individuals or teams of guns or rods.

By using us you can forward-ship your items allowing you to travel in more comfort by plane, train or even that favorite automobile that can’t fit the equipment you need to take – you can choose.  We can even pick you up at the other end.

The service we provide is personal, and true point-to-point.  We will collect everything in person, take it to your destination, make sure everything is ready for you to enjoy your day and then bring it all back home for you.

We can even manage any repairs or servicing afterwards and still return it to you directly.

Whatever your requirements are contact us to see how we can assist you. If you would like to book the service please use the contact form here.

At Orion we provide a specialist logistics service designed to ensure that your equipment is transported to your venue securely, safely and in fine condition.