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In-field Services


Don’t struggle with those high-birds or fast crossers, take an instructor in-field with you to help coach you as you go  - In field instruction and coaching really can help you improve quickly ensuring your days are even more enjoyable with the significant advantage of improving your shooting in the long-term.  Not just for those new to the sport, a little guidance can help us all.

We can also help prepare you for the coming season by finding an instructor to sharpen your skills.


This should not just be the preserve of those big double gun days, having a loader can really enhance your day.  A good “stuffer” is not just there to improve your speed on the big drives or carry your equipment. They can offer some company whilst waiting on your peg, share conversation with a like-minded character and maybe even give you a pointer or two.

In-field Photography

Shoot-day photography is becoming very popular now, and many clients choose to have a photographic record of their party or day.  If your party is a close group of friends sharing a special occasion having a lasting record can be the icing on the cake. 

Gun Fitting

Whilst not strictly an in-field activity, good gun fit is one of the essential components to consistent shooting.  At Orion Sporting we have access to some of the best gun fitters around and can provide you with a session to identify any modification to either your style or the gun.  They will work with you to obtain a consistent gun mount and gun fit.


These are just the main services we offer, but don’t be shy, just ask us for what you need. Use the contact form to enquire about any of these services.

Days in the field are precious and we all enjoy our sporting activities, with a little extra attention good days can become the best of days.